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1906 Steinway model A Louis XV restored by PianoWorks Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_keyboard 12 Steinway model A Louis XV before Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_right 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_right-leg 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_tail 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_pedals 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_fallboard 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_inside 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_plate 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_tenor 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_plate-detail 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_pins 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_bass 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_duplex 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_curve 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_action1 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_theran-keytops 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_Roseland 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_reps-backchecks 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_action-rearview 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_renner-back-action 12 Steinway_A_LouisXV_119689_action-rails 12

Steinway & Sons 6’2″ Model A Louis XV (1906) Restored

Originally built in New York City in 1906, this 6’2″ Steinway model A is a true masterpiece of American craftsmanship and design.  As a testimony to its excellence, the Steinway model A of today is built to virtually all of the same design specifications, however there is little debate that this “Golden Era” Steinway is among the most prized.

Fully restored inside and out, this rare Louis XV is worthy of admiration.  Delicate curves disguise this pianos lionhearted performance, well suited for all eras of music.  Details of our restoration will be included with purchase.

Similar art case instruments from Steinway exceed $200,000.  In fact, a smaller 5’7″ model M in the Louis XV cabinet with figured veneer is $197,000.

Includes 5 year PianoWorks warranty, matching artist bench

Brand: Steinway & Sons

Price: $79999


PianoWorks has fully and comprehensively restored this piano to its peak performance here in our restoration facility.  This 6’2″ Steinway grand piano features the elegant Louis XV cabinet design.  In the past, the popular Louis XV design was available in many Steinway sizes, however today, only the 5’7″ model M can still be ordered in this design.  The hand carved legs, desk, pedal lyre and case details require a unique rim press, not just adornments, so almost every one is a special order.  The African mahogany veneer is waterfall cut to enhance the visual depth of the wood’s natural beauty.  Our finish was designed to replicate French polish, while using modern paints that will resist the usual flaws of aging.  The result is a softer luster that reveals the grain beneath, instead of a modern polyester finish that might look out of place on a vintage instrument.

Internally, while Steinway’s original design is preserved, every moving or speaking part of the piano is now new again.

  • New custom, tapered Eastern White spruce soundboard
  • New fully-fit, 5-ply maple pinblock
  • New custom, Roseland keyset on the restored original keyframe
  • New optimized German action with NY Steinway hammers
  • New German damper action (Steinway) including new guide rails and Steinway damper felts
  • New custom Steinway action rails
  • New THARAN keytops (synthetic ivory substitute from Kluge)
  • Newly plated nickel hardware (resists tarnishing better than brass)
  • Too many steps to include here

PianoWorks has been a preferred restoration facility of Steinway Artists, All Steinway Schools, and many dedicated performers and performance venues throughout the US.  We are proud of this unique instrument that, despite delays and setbacks of the pandemic, was finally completed after 3 years in production.  Included among the images are a few taken “before” the restoration showing the original cabinet, stripped of finish.  That is how our team received this instrument.  Visit us to both experience this fabulous Louis XV Steinway and book a tour though our restoration facility.


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