510-m178t,510" KG-2E (1987), 510" HG-178, 510" GP-178 (2007), 510" Model O (1904) Restored

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Visit us and try this great pre-owned Kawai grand piano.  This model KG-2E was made in Japan in 1987.  PianoWorks has freshly serviced this piano, regulated the action and voiced the piano back to Kawai's signature warm tone.The physical & mechanical condition is excellent.  At 5'10" long, this piano is suitable for most spaces and offers pianists much more tone, sustain & color than a true baby grand.  The KG-2E is the direct predecessor of the popular RX-2 and current GX-2 models.  If new today, MSRP would be $41,195 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2016 - Larry Fine).Includes height-adjustable bench and warranty.0.4827621

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The Hailun 5’10” HG-178 professional Grand Pianos is powerful, clear and expressive. It combines the majestic presence of a Hailun grand with delicate tonal clarity. Homes, churches, schools, teaching studios and small performance stages are the ideal location for the HG-178. In addition to its tonal depth, its pleasant resonance suits all musical settings. The lines of the instrument are elegant by design. The HG-178 beautifies any home surroundings while its sturdy construction makes it a perfect institutional or studio grand piano.  0.4234242

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Visit us to try this pre-owned Boston grand piano, model GP-178 in polish ebony finish.  Originally built in 2007 in Japan and designed by Steinway & Sons, this instrument is a wonderful addition to any home and a great opportunity to save.  Compare if new, MSRP of $30,200 (The Piano Buyer, Spring 2016 - Larry Fine).This piano has been well maintained and is in like-new condition.  Includes matching storage bench.5 Year Parts & Labor warranty.0.4234242

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Here is a first look at another of our fully restored Steinway & Sons pianos that has just left our workshop.  This Steinway model O was built in New York in 1904.  This is an early example of the model O, and for that reason we are restoring it to Hamburg Steinway specs with Hamburg Steinway parts & hammers.  This piano also features a new Kluge keyset (Hamburg Steinway spec).  The early cabinet style features round arms still found on Hamburg Steinways today.For greater detail about this piano, please inquire with our staff.  New York List Price for a new Steinway model O is $78,400 (The Piano Buyer, Spring 2017 - Larry Fine).To include new artist bench, 5 year parts & labor warranty.0.4234242

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