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Yamaha Digital Pianos P-115

Model: P115

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The all-new Yamaha P-115 is here!   Yamaha's follow-up to the industry's best-selling digital piano (the P-105) now has its own app for iOS. An elegant touch screen controller that makes getting to the features of the P-115 simple.  P-Series has long been known for its compact and stylish lineup of products.   The P-115 is a new model that offers improved piano performance, an enhanced speaker system, simple app operation and more.  

Comes with single footswitch pedal.  Optional accessories are L-85 Furniture style Stand & LP-5A 3 Pedal unit (see additional images).

Piano quality only possible from Yamaha
The Pure CF Sound Engine is the result of years of piano-making history combined with state-of-the-art sampling technology and expertise. Yamaha is the industry leader in digital piano technology, and you can hear this in the sound of digital pianos that utilize the Pure CF piano sample. The P-115 includes the sound of Yamaha's renowned CFIIIS 9' concert grand piano and is faithfully reproduced, allowing for incredible dynamics and expressiveness making Pure CF-equipped digital pianos worthy of the Yamaha name.

Authentic to the touch
Yamaha's GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the GHS action builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. Plus, the matte finish of the black keys are less slippery when playing for extended periods of time.

Enhanced sound system will be music to your ears
The tweeter position has been improved in the P-­115 to be in line with the ears of the performer. Melody lines and treble passages are brighter and more expressive as a result. This new configuration ensures that the instrument sounds sparkle and come alive across the entire tonal range.

Groove along in performance or practice
The P-115 has on-board drum rhythms for practice or performance. There's a variety of rhythm patterns to choose, from basic rock to shuffle and swing beats. Use the rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or simply use them as a virtual drummer for your performances.

Professional reverb makes a wide range of Voices sparkle
The P-­115 is loaded with a variety of rich Voices, from pianos to electric pianos, organs, strings, bass and more. These Voices can be enhanced by four different reverbs that you can adjust to your preference. 

[Recital hall]    Clear reverberation, as heard in a medium-­sized hall used for piano recitals.
[Concert hall]  Bright, bold reverberation, as heard in a large hall where orchestras perform.
[Salon]           The relaxed reverberation of a large room suitable for chamber music.
[Club]            The crisp reverberation of a live music venue or jazz club.

Your personal dueling piano partner
You can sound like two players all by yourself using Pianist Styles. Simply play the chords in your left hand and the Pianist Style will transform them into lush accompaniment patterns. This leaves your right hand free to play other melodies and chords, or add musical flare to your Pianist Style accompaniment. On the P-115, Yamaha has carefully selected 10 types of Styles for easy, piano-­like accompaniment.

Simple operation using the free Digital Piano Controller app!
Our special free app, "Digital Piano Controller," allows you to control the many functions included in Yamaha digital pianos with your iPhone or iPad, for even easier operation. Voices, rhythms and other settings can be selected while looking at the screen, making it easy to enjoy new functions with ease. You can also save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time. 

Power-up and get connected
AUX ­Out jacks allow audio to be sent to an external amplifier or powered speaker for powerful performances during live events, parties and a wide variety of situations. These professional 1/4" jacks connect without disabling the built-in speakers when using the headphone output. The USB TO HOST port allows the instrument to be directly connected to a computer or iPad.

     1,326mm (52-1/4”)
     163mm (6-1/4”)
     295mm (11-1/2”)
     11.8kg (26lbs.)

Control Interface
Number of Keys
     Graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard, matte finish on black keys
Touch Sensitivity
Panel Language

Tone Generation
     Piano Sound Pure CF Sound Engine
Number of Polyphony (Max.)
Preset Number of Voices

     Yes (four types)
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)
Damper Resonance

Number of Preset Songs
     14 demo songs
     50 piano songs
     1 Song
     2 Tracks
Data Capacity
     100 KB per song (approx. 11,000 notes)
Compatible Data Format
     Playback SMF (format 0, format 1)
     Recording SMF (format 0)

Tempo Range
     5 - 280
     -6 to 0,0 to +6
     414.8 - 440.0 - 446.8 Hz
     10 (Pianist Style)

Storage and Connectivity
     DC IN DC IN 12 V
     Standard x 2
Sustain Pedal
     Yes (Half pedal available with optional FC3A)
Pedal Unit
     Yes (Optional)

Amplifiers and Speakers
     7 W x 2
     12 cm (4-1/2”) x 2 + 4 cm (1-1/2”) x 2

Power Supply
Power Supply
     PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts
Power Consumption
     6 W (using PA-150 power adapter)
Auto Power Off Function

Music Rest
AC Adaptor
     PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts