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Hidrau Model 26" (HM) Hydraulic Adjustable Piano Bench

Model: BM-44HP

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Hidrau Model, or HM, has been manufacturing many of the finest piano benches in Europe for years.  Now available in the U.S.A., these contemporary style benches are quickly becoming the most sought after for their purposeful and clean design, their sturdy construction, and their luxurious comfort.

With this design, height adjustments are quick and easy by controlling a lever.  There are no knobs that stick out, no complex mechanism to service, no linkage that causes the bench to wobble or rock over time.  This bench is as long (26") as other premium artists benches.  The height range is over 5" when most good artist benches have a range of 3".  They are perfect for performance halls, for teaching studios (where student after student needs a different height), and they are also great for European uprights like Seiler, Schimmel, and C. Bechstein that tend to have a higher key height.

  • Metal Construction, no wobbly legs
  • Silent Mechanism
  • High density foam cushion for support
  • Rounded edges for comfort
  • Vinyl Upholstery, stonger than leather and easier to care for
  • No knobs, quick lever operation
  • No wobbling or rocking screw-type mechanism
  • Height ranges from 17.75" to 23"
  • Weighs a moderate 32 lbs
Hidrau Model BM-44HP hydraulic piano bench specs

*The HM Hydraulic bench is actually a misnomer.  It uses a superior Pneumatic mechanism with compressed air to facilitate height adjustments.  Similar Hydraulic piano benches from other manufacturers use fluid mechanisms that, if they fail, can leave an oily mess.

Best bench ever!

By: Tom Schultz
Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016

We bought this for use by classical guitarists. Out of the box, it was easily assembled within a few minutes. Everything was supplied except a phillips head screwdriver. I had one in the next room. No problem. The bench has some weight to it, which is good. The seat is very comfortable. It is attractive in the living room, where my son does his practicing. It adjusts easily to any position from too low to too high and all the better positions in between. It is very pricey but any good piano bench is pricey. A great feature, which influenced my purchase, is the silence of it. Other benches with their turn-handle hardware and wooden frame & legs will squeak when you move around or shift weight on the bench. This one is totally silent. Compressed air is what makes for the adjustment. When there is no weight on it, pressing the lever causes the seat to go to its highest position. When you sit on it and press the lever, it goes down to the position you choose. It is very stable. There are friction pads at the extremities of both legs and they stay very well on our hardwood floor, no wobbling, no problems. Offer me a sizable discount and I'll buy another one!

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