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Knabe 5'8" Model WKG-58 (2007)

Model: WKG58

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PianoWorks brings you another great find.  Visit us to see and play this gently used 5'8" Knabe WKG-58 grand piano.

Knabe has long been a favorite piano in America.  Established in 1837, it has also had its ups and downs.  15 years ago, a new steward for this celebrated brand expertly recreated the vintage Knabe designs from their peak era prior to the Great Depression.  Original factory specifications were discovered from factory craftsmen that held on to these designs.  The 5'8" studio grand piano is one of 2 true "Baltimore Scale" designs.

How do you recreate a hand-made masterpiece from America's Golden Era of piano making?  While many of the original instruments are still in use, underlying manufacturing designs were also instilled into the reproduction.  The sand cast plates were recreated.  The hardwood rims, consisting of alternating layers of Maple & Oak were recreated.  Even the same species of spruce was used for the soundboard - Eastern White spruce sourced from Bolduc in Canada.

As in the 1920's, Knabe sourced the best action parts were sourced from America; in this 2007 Knabe piano, the best action parts were sourced from Renner in Germany.  Due to price increases, a new Knabe WKG58 will not have a full Renner action...making this gently used pre-owned Knabe even more desirable.

The WKG models are designated Concert Artist for their level of quality, musicality, durability, and beauty.  Many details are lavished on the cabinet from the open music desk, the rosewood cheekblocks and matching inner rim, the real ebony sharps and premium brass hardware and finally to the hand-rubbed traditional satin finish.  All of this is designed to inspire.

If New, MSRP for this piano is $30,195 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2016 - Larry Fine).

Includes Artist bench & 5 year Parts & Labor warranty.