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Bosendorfer 5'8" Model 170CS

Model: 170 CS

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Beauty of sound cannot be measured in centimeters.  The 170CS model is specially designed for smaller living spaces, studios or practice rooms – which means you can even enjoy the inimitably rich sound of a Bosendorfer in still more places.

But what does small mean?  The 170CS model weighs 314 kilograms and has dimensions of 146 x 170 centimeters. A formidable presence.

This piano is built by hand using the highest-quality materials. The sound quality in the bass, in particular, and the range of tonal colors are exceptional for a piano of this size. Its action allows the fastest of repetitions and it has a very precise playing feel.

The 170CS model is designated as Conservatory Series.  Only certain sizes typically used in conservatory settings are chosen for the CS series, 170CS, 185CS, 200CS & 214CS. All CS models are finished in matte black and share additional cosmetic distinctions.  These are the open music desk, a slant bevel on the front keyslip and a soft-round bevel on the lid.  The construction and performance standards are identical to non-CS models.

And the most beautiful thing of all: it is a Bosendorfer.