House of Troy LED Brass Upright Piano Lamp (House of Troy PLED101-61), LED Piano Lamps, LED Piano Lights, House of Troy LED lamp for sale

House of Troy LED Brass Upright Piano Lamp

Model: PLED101-61

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Price: $270.00

House of Troy makes the finest specialty lights. Their upright piano lamps are the most elegant choice for your home.
This slimline design is the perfect contemporary compliment to any studio upright.

LED grand piano lamp with 10 foot black cord and transformer. Shade swivels to direct light.

Width: 19"
Height: 4"
Base: 5"
Shade: 19"

Primary Lamp Wattage: 4 W
Primary Lamp Type: LED array
Switch: on shade

Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

Do I have to buy specialty bulbs?

No, House of Troy Lamps use common light bulbs that should be readily available at your local hardware store.  And for LED lamps, you should never have to change a bulb.

What is the difference in types of lighting (incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED) choices?

Regular incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs produce a remarkably similar light.  The fluorescent use less power (lower wattage), don't get as hot, and last longer than regular bulbs.  The LED bulbs produce a very white light instead of the usual yellow-white light.  LEDs are also very energy efficient and will likely never need changing.