House of Troy LED Black & Brass Floor Lamp (House of Troy PFLED-617), LED Piano Lamps, LED Piano Lights, House of Troy LED lamp for sale

House of Troy LED Black & Brass Floor Lamp

Model: PFLED-617

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Price: $398.00

House of Troy makes beautiful floor lamps for your grand piano.  This LED Black & Brass Floor Lamp (PFLED-617) will perfectly light your music.  The Brass accents will look great with your piano's hardware as well as a variety of contemporary designs.

LED lamp benefits include:

  • Quality - bright, white light is ideal for reading
  • Comfort - LED does not give off heat like incandescent or halogen bulbs
  • Green - LED is energy efficient, ~20x more efficent than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Longevity - LED lasts, on average, 50x longer than a traditional, incandescent bulb
This lamp is the missing accessory for your music room.