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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a piano teacher?

PianoWorks has teaching studios with degreed piano teachers offering lessons to children and adults. If our facility is not convenient we can give you the names of teachers in your area. Many are associated with the Georgia Music Teachers Association or the Atlanta Suzuki Piano Organization.

How often should a piano be tuned?

Typically twice a year. Many people mark their calendar to schedule a tuning in the spring and in the fall when temperature and humidity are changing.

I like to keep my windows open and avoid using the air conditioning. Will this affect my piano?

Yes, this will most likely mean your piano will need tuning more frequently. It's important to remember that, in our climate, the high humidity during the spring and summer can affect the piano.

How soon can a technician come to my home?

Our team of technicians covers a wide geographic area, so they usually book appointments approximately two weeks in advance, sometimes sooner. Also, it's important to plan ahead for holiday periods as these are very busy times for our technicians.

Are older pianos made better than newer pianos?

Typically no, because the basics of piano building over the last century have not changed drastically. If the older piano was once a high level performance instrument and you like the sound of that piano, it may be a good choice for you. But keep in mind, the older the piano, the more likely it will need restoring as parts wear over time. The question then becomes, is an older piano worth the investment of time and money to you? An alternative is to buy a new piano with a reputation for superb quality, i.e., Bösendorfer and Schimmel, etc. These new pianos come with factory warranties. Equally important, while they reflect the best of traditional piano building, these pianos also incorporate the latest proven design and materials technology.

Can the Pianomation System be installed on my piano in my home?

No, because installing the system requires the piano to be turned on its side and involves a multitude of tools and mechanical adjustments, the piano must be brought into our service shop. Please inquire for more information!

Will adding a Pianomation System compromise the playability of my piano?

No. The mechanics of this system do not affect the action and playability. Once the player is turned off, the piano can be played as usual.

What product should I use to clean or polish my piano?

Specially made piano cleaners and polishes are available at our store. Do not use Pledge or any type of window cleaner as doing so will damage the finish on your piano.

Where can I find piano accessories?

We have lamps for grand pianos, benches, caster cups and a variety of other accessories available. Please inquire!