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Hidrau Model names PianoWorks as a US Distributor for Hydraulic Piano Benches
By Sam Bennett
8/20/2014 6:45:00 PM  
Hidrau Model (HM) has named PianoWorks a US distributor for their premium hydraulic piano benches.  Hidrau Model's hydraulic piano bench models are featured on so many of Europe's stages and concert halls as the first choice for artists.  Made exclusively in Spain, their hydraulic benches offer steel construction and premium vinyl or leather upholstery, suitable for heavy-duty placements.  Their comfort and contemporary European style make them a favorite alternative to heavy, mechanical benches of the past.  PianoWorks wishes to introduce this competative alternative to existing adjustable piano benches to more US universities, conservatories, performance halls, recording studios and professional users.

The hydraulic piano bench comes in 3 styles:
  • Standard 30" width with premium vinyl top (BM-45H)
  • Extra-wide 43" Duet with premium vinyl top (BM-45HL)
  • Standard 30" width with premium leather top (BM-45H Leather)
The Extra-wide 43" Duet bench is currently the widest adjustable piano bench on the market (most others are 32" - 36").
HM Extra-Wide 43" Duet Bench (BM-45HL)
shown: Extra-Wide 43" Adjustable Duet Bench

Close-up photos reveal the leather-like look and texture of the premium vinyl tops.  Only a side-by-side comparison reveals the difference in leather on the Standard 30" models.  All models feature tops with supportive, ergonomic, extra-firm foam with a slight forward angle for best playing posture.
HM Premium Vinyl Top
shown: Premium Vinyl Top with leather-like texture

As a US distributor, inquiries for institutional pricing or dealer & retail opportunities can be directed to PianoWorks here.  What institutions in the US are already using HM hydraulic piano benches?  Here is just a small sample of repeat customers:
  • Florida State University
  • University of Texas - Austin
  • University of Georgia
  • Spivey Hall (Clayton State)
  • Auburn University
  • The Juilliard School
*The HM Hydraulic bench is actually a misnomer.  It uses a superior Pneumatic mechanism with compressed air to facilitate height adjustments.  Similar Hydraulic piano benches from other manufacturers use fluid mechanisms that, if they fail, can leave an oily mess.

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Another Happy Estonia Piano Owner!
By Sam Bennett
6/18/2013 1:10:00 PM  
Piano shopping can be a real task or a truly wonderful experience.  We work hard to make it both educational and fun.  We are always delighted to get customer feedback on our business.  Of course, it helps when you get to represent great piano makers like Estonia!
Dozier Letter - Estonia Pianos
Thank you Linda for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.

-The PianoWorks Staff

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Bechstein Cooperates with Hailun
By Sam Bennett
3/7/2012 1:46:00 PM  
The two companies of C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik Berlin/Germany and Hailun Ningbo, China signed a wide-ranging cooperation agreement in October 2011. Hailun is successfully operating for over 20 years in the Chinese market.??The first ongoing step a quality management system for production introduced by German specialists of Bechstein the Chinese partner of Hailun. Mid 2012 aims for there set forth and shipping prüften instruments of brand HAILUN a seal of quality "Bechstein Quality System" will be awarded. The principle for the started cooperation includes an absolutely clear, unambiguous independence of both companies and thus also an independent production and distribution structures for each partner. The exchange of technical knowledge, training of Chinese professionals, as well as cooperation in the field of product development are at the for further steps.

Photo: Berenice Küpper, Director Marketing C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG
*translated from original press release by Microsoft translator.

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PianoWorks Expands Digital Piano Department
By Sam Bennett
2/20/2012 8:01:00 PM  
PianoWorks has recently expanded its digital piano department.  Our goal is to offer great selection and the best prices from top brands like Roland, Yamaha & Casio.  We have a new Digital Piano Specialist to lead our educated staff, and we will patiently guide you to your best choice.  We don't sell toy keyboards - all digital pianos at PianoWorks feature fully weighted, 88-keys and support pedals, making these teacher approved!  And if you are shy or want to play privately, these also support headphones.  Visit us to learn more about the wide array of options, features, and most importantly...a nice environment to try them out.
Digital Piano Department
Our new Digital Piano Specialist is Derek Vann.  He is experienced with digitals and keyboards and can communicate to you the difference between graded hammer actions, layers & splits, duet modes, polyphony, and ensemble functions in a way that is useful.  He's also a talented pianist and composer, willing to demonstrate to non-players just starting out.
Roland, Yamaha & Casio digital pianos
At PianoWorks, the digital pianos we offer are always pianos first, but the variety of helpful features available will help you explore your musical creativity.  We have Roland's with full accompaniment options, Casio's with hundreds of sounds and tempos, and a Yamaha with lesson software built-in!
Portable & Console Digital Pianos in Atlanta
The prices are clearly marked, we have a variety of styles and colors, and the prices are usually better than advertised on our website!  Amazon isn't the only place to get a great price.  We have 16 models ranging from $499 to $2499!
Roland RG-1F Digital Grand Piano at PianoWorks
We also have amazing digital grand pianos like this Roland RG-1F (but they are more than $2,499).

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Seiler Selects PianoWorks As Atlanta's Authorized Dealer
By Sam Bennett
2/13/2012 7:22:00 PM  
Newly added to PianoWorks' impressive lineup of piano brands is Seiler.  Since 1849, Seiler has represented amazing quality and value in pianos.  We now carry pianos from their traditional SE-series as well as their new ED-series.  This new partnership means new, high-value choices for Atlanta's deserving audience.  Visit us today to try these exciting new pianos!

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NAMM 2012: Hanging out in Estonia Piano Booth
By Sam Bennett
2/7/2012 1:03:00 PM  
NAMM is the biggest music industry trade show in the world.  Held annually in January, NAMM will attract 100,000 manufacturers, dealers and musicians for every music category.  From accordians to zithers, microphones to stage lighting and, of course Pianos, NAMM is where new products are demonstrated and the business of music gets done.  For several years now, my favorite booth has been the Estonia Piano booth where Dr. Indrek Laul has created an oasis of relaxing chairs and relaxed smiles that make business a pleasure and attract scores of great musicians to stop by and just play.

This year, Dr. Laul brought his family, making it the first NAMM for his two young boys.  NAMM is also just down the street from Disneyland, so no convincing was required.  This delightful family of musicians has successfully made it their business also.Indrek Laul with his boys
Indrek with his boys
Triin-Maret Laul on Estonia L225
I coaxed Indrek's wife, Triin-Maret Laul, into playing for us.
Rob Mullins, Frank Baxter, Indrek Laul
Indrek with new friend Rob Mullins and old friend Frank Baxter.
Indrek and Rebecca play a duet.
Indrek and Rebecca prepared some duets.
Estonia L190 in Pyramid Mahogany
Estonia L190 Grand Piano in Pyramid Mahogany finish.

I captured this video while at the booth of just a few of the musical guests and also Indrek, his wife Triin-Maret and later a duet with his son, Bruno.

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Mr. Hailun Chen of Hailun Pianos Visits PianoWorks
By Sam Bennett
8/15/2011 5:35:00 PM  
Last Thursday, PianoWorks was greeted by a surprise visitor.  Perhaps not a total surprise, but we had only 4 days to prepare for Mr. Hailun Chen of Hailun Pianos.  We were also joined by May Wang, Hailun's Vice President of Exports, and a small cadre of business attorneys.  He's preparing for an IPO in China, I'm pleased to say his visit to our showroom will have played a small role in the future growth of Hailun Pianos worldwide.  Though not pictured, we were also visited by Lauren Wallace, Vice President of Hailun USA.  When possible, several of our customers made a point to attend and meet the chairman and founder.
Mr. Hailun Chen visits PianoWorks
The performers for our upcoming event, End of Summer, Back to Piano Concert, also stopped by.  Larry Barker and Julie Ye join Hailun Chen in front of the chosen instrument, a 7'2" Hailun model 218 semi-concert grand piano.  This Free concert is Saturday, August 20 @ 6:00 pm.
Larry Barker, Julie Ye, Hailun Chen
I was most delighted to see customers that most recently purchased new Hailun grand pianos.  We took the opportunity to request that Mr. Chen autograph their chosen pianos for these fortunate customers.  David & Peggy McCleskey selected a Hailun grand piano for the Gwinnett Hospital Extended Care Center (part of Gwinnett Medical Center) to bring joy to the many patients and their long days of treatment.  The McCleskey's gave this generous gift of music, including a self-playing system on the piano.
Hailun Chen, Sam Bennett, Peggy & David McCleskey
The Williams family also selected a Hailun grand piano to nurture the musical education of their son.  I learned that these were the first ever requests to sign customer pianos for Hailun Chen.  Looking back, this will mark a great day for those able to attend.
Williams Family, Hailun Chen, Sam Bennett
In our business, we often have the opportunity to meet with the people responsible for our fine pianos.  It is rare, however, to host one of the world's larger manufacturers in our showroom.  Hailun Pianos is not only an important manufacturer, but they are also growing.  We thank everyone for attending.

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Products and Brands: Schimmel Pianos
By Jennifer Gibson
4/12/2011 1:55:00 PM  

Once a month, we will be discussing the Products and Brands that PianoWorks currently carries. We will highlight the pianos we have in the showroom along with a little company information.

Quality will prevail.

This is the slogan Mr. Whilhelm Schimmel built his entire piano business. That little piano business, started in 1885 in Leipzig, Germany, is now four generations strong, and the Schimmel family is building some of the world’s finest pianos.

The second generation in the Schimmel family was Wilhelm Arno who took over management in 1927. He relocated the company to Braunschweig, where Schimmel is now located. Later, Nikolaus Wilhelm took over management and really focused on expanding the Schimmel brand. Over 20 years, Nikolaus developed the Konzert Series, which was the key to their current position in the piano market. In 2003, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel took over management and developed the Konzert Series even more with the Vogel.

The Schimmel Sons aren’t the only generations in the company. Many of the factory workers are sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of factory workers from the early Schimmel years. These workers have been known as fine craftsmen and the “masters of good tone.” Some of these workers are the artists that create the instrumental timbre, that is formed by extensive needling, which is needed several hundred times per hammer. This requires a well-trained ear, and cannot be replaced by machine. In addition, over 10,00 metal, wood and felt elements make up a Schimmel keyboard and action. All elements of each instrument must all be meticulously synchronized with exact precision: from the fitting of the strings, the positioning of the hammer-heads and the regulation of the action to the fine art of tuning and voicing.

In 2010 Schimmel Pianos celebrated their 125th anniversary. Schimmel pianos are well-known for being the largest company in Europe, as well as winning several awards across the country. A few weeks ago, PianoWorks had a visit from Glenn Clutter, Director of Sales and Promotions of Schimmel Pianos.

Recently, PianoWorks had a visit from Glenn Clutter, Director of Sales and Promotions for Schimmel Pianos. His favorite part about working for Schimmel is the people he works with every day.

“My favorite part about working for Schimmel is the people who purchase the pianos and the people who sell the pianos,” said Clutter. “It’s a very loyal business, and they’re proud to sell and proud to own a Schimmel.”

On their newest pianos, Schimmel stamps the brand name and factory location on every piano. Clutter says this is a something Schimmel is proud to do.

“Our pianos are really made in Germany,” said Clutter. “We’re so proud of that we display the city, country and our name on every piano.”

PianoWorks is the Authorized Schimmel Piano dealer for Georgia. For more information on our Schimmel pianos, click here or here.

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