Big Band Jazz in Duluth, Small band in Atlanta
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Big Band Jazz in Duluth, Small band in Atlanta
By Sam Bennett
9/20/2009 2:52:00 PM
Last night I went to support some of my musician friends, but I was surprised with what I saw and heard.  I left work late and changed clothes, curious how I would fit in both with the Big Band crowd and not stand out at the rock show, my second stop.  My dilemma left me a few minutes late as I entered the Red Clay Theater to the sights and sounds of a 15 piece band already warmed up and "In the Mood."

My friend and sometimes piano teacher, Dennis Nunnelley, sat on the back row of a full stage among the the various amps playing keys.  Our very talented technician, Gabe Granitz, sat in the front row blowing away on his saxophone between his ever-present smiling.  Add 3 sax players, 3 trombone players, 4 in the horn section, 2 bass players, a drummer, as well as Diane, the singer and MC...all together to make Capitol City Xpress.  They played and played; I relaxed to "Almost Like Being In Love" as an hour went by before they took their intermission.  I'm no critic, but my favorite of the night came in the second set when they played "Dat Dere."  The Red Clay Theater is a very good venue to hear the music, but this kind of music was meant for dancing.  That would make for a fun night out, to go back in time for a while.

I really hadn't expected such a performance.  After the lights came up, I had to say quick goodbyes and make my way to another show.  My good friends Frank Bell and Alfie Black (stage name!?!) got together with a local drummer for a trio down at Smith's Olde Bar.  Since my first show ran longer than expected, I was glad they played last.  I caught what I could of the opening acts, a singer Jessica I'd seen before and another I hadn't.  It was good, fun, good for the lounge style with a few lighthearted songs to laugh about.  But I was there to see Frankie.  I wanted to see him give a real show.  I'd been around for the living room and back porch concerts. I even saw the first airing of his radio appearance.  But up till now now, I'd seen the open mic nights, mere rehearsals undertaken with different levels of purpose or seriousness.  My blog isn't the right forum but Frank delivered the best I've seen yet.

I'm tired today but it was worth it.  Most everybody loves good music, but friendship helps take the music deeper.  I enjoy supporting local music.

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