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Steinway & Sons 5'7" Model M (1964) Restored


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Price: $32,999.00

This Steinway model M was originally built in New York in 1963 and is now fully restored to like-new condition.  This piano had lived an easy life in a living room, but needed restoration to give the next generation the full benefit of its great potential.

This piano has an original, perfect soundboard.  Below are highlights of the restoration.

  • Recondition & Refinish soundboard
  • Re-cap bridges with hard rock maple
  • New, fully-fit 5-ply maple pinblock
  • Reguilded plate
  • New agraffes, dressed V-bar
  • New Mapes (Steinway) strings
  • New Steinway damper felts
  • New Steinway action (Hammers, Shanks, Repetitions)
  • Reconditioned Keyframe (new felts, punchings)
  • Refinished cabinet, hardware polished
  • Reconditioned keys (new keytops, new bushings)
If New, New York List for a Steinway model M in satin ebony finish is $69,700.

Why choose a PianoWorks Restoration?  One obvious reason is the value.  Our restored pianos look and perform like new at a fraction of the cost of new.  Some of our customers actually prefer to preserve these fine vintage instruments and support our local craftsman.  Often these restored instruments will have different aesthetic details that are desirable.

Who chooses a Steinway restored by PianoWorks?  Anyone in the market for a new or used Steinway benefits from the value we offer.  We offer uncompromising performance at a better price.  Here is a partial list of institutions that have repeatedly chosen PianoWorks for a restored piano or for full-restoration services of their own performance instruments.

Please inquire with our staff about other details of the restoration.

Includes new artist bench, 5 year parts & labor warranty.