PianoWorks Piano Buyers Guide,

Piano Buyers Guide

This guide will grow with our site, but we have a few points to start with.  This guide will be built in chapters and this will read like a narrative table of contents.

The decision to purchase a piano usually begins when you or your children begin piano lessons.  Without a practice instrument, your lessons won't provide you with enough opportunity to master your skills.  So where should you start, what should your buy, and how should you choose? 

Buying a piano is an investment in yourself or your children.  We want the best, but we have factors to consider that define our criteria when selecting an instrument.  We make recommendation for budget, size, appearance and performance.

A Piano for Beginners
The minimum instrument depends on your level of commitment.  If your child is very young and exploring music or if you are playing for your own recreation then there are lesser instruments, but if you have committed to private piano lessons, then these are our recommendations.  The minimum piano is a full-sized, weighted digital piano.  There are many advantages to this type of starter piano.

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