California Title 20 Restrictions

Only Compliant Piano Lamps Will Be Shipped To California

Beginning January 1, 2010 California Title 20 goes into effect.  One aspect of this law to requires all portable lamps sold in California to include lights or bulbs that comply with new energy efficiency standards.  Any piano lamps we ship to California must comply.

We are currently working with our vendors to comply.  Soon we will offer compliant Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs for our California customers and as an option for everyone else.  Despite the additional upfront cost that the CFL bulbs add, our understanding is that their long-term costs are lower with the added benefit of being a "green" choice.  

Many of our other lamps use energy efficient light sources, but they pre-date the definitions in Title 20.  We sell balance-arm grand piano lamps (that use CFLs) and LED lamps that are not yet compliant.  These lamps will not be sold in California.  These solutions will take longer as vendors have to source and test compliant technology, but the search has already begun.

UPDATE: Many more lamps are now compliant including the LED lamps we sell here.  The list of restricted lamps is getting shorter.  We are close to finding a supplier of compliant CFLs for so many more of our lamps.

We will continue to offer our customers education as well as the best products and service in the industry.  Here is a recent blog on this subject.  We hope you will see these changes as an opportunity to be an environmentally conscious consumer.